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We provide guidance and services to help you plan to succeed. Here are some of our specialties:

Maximizing pension benefits

We'll help you better understand your retirement benefits at work, whether it be TRS, ERS, or some other defined benefit plan.  If you know your plan better, you'll be positioned to gain the most from it when it is time to retire.  We'll analyze your plan, provide you with a reliable retirement estimate, and help you choose the options which best fit your personal situation. 

Low-Cost Life Insurance

Everybody needs life insurance.  It's our job to help you find the best coverage for the lowest premium.
We have access to dozens of companies, and will shop for the plan the best suits your needs. 

Fixed and Indexed Annuities

Annuities can provide you with lifetime income without risking your savings.  They also offer many other advantages, such as avoidance of probate, tax-deferral, and protection from creditors.  Most of them offer returns much higher than bank rate, and some even provide a bonus at issue. 

Specialized Insurance Strategies

Long-term care insurance could protect your legacy assets from nursing home expenses.  Cancer insurance could help you cope with the high cost of medical care resulting from treating that awful disease.  Critical care and Emergency care protection could help cover costs that your health insurance plan might decline.  Disability plans could give you much needed income in the event of an illness or injury which causes you to miss work.  Individual health plans are also available.

Tax-Qualified Plans and Rollovers

We can help you set up supplemental retirement savings plans, such as ROTH IRAs, Traditional IRAs,
403(b) plans, and SEP IRA's.  If you have savings in 401k plans, we can help you roll those over to an IRA and remove market risk from your portfolio.  Our specialty is safe money investment strategies.

Low-Risk, High-Return Alternative Investments

We provide our clients with unique investment opportunities with a track record of unusually high
returns without any market risk.  These types of plans are geared toward long-term investment
strategies, but the returns can be very attractive.  Ask us about them.

Financial Health and Debt Resolution Strategies. 

Our associates are capable of helping you plan for the long term.  We can help you analyze your situation, prepare for life events, and set up strategies for a comfortable retirement.... in style.

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